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[PDUMH15HVAT] Tripplite 2.4kW Single-Phase Metered Automatic Transfer Switch PDU


The PDUMH15HVAT 2–2.4kW Single-Phase 200–240V Metered Automatic Transfer Switch / ATS PDU enables redundant power for network devices with non-redundant power supply configurations. Ideal for data centers and server rooms, it mounts in 1U of space in EIA-standard 19-inch racks and features 10 C13 outlets.

Dual 3.6-meter input cords with IEC-320 C14 plugs connect to separate primary and secondary single-phase power sources in a nominal voltage range from 200–240V. Plug lock inserts prevent cords from accidental disconnection. The PDUMH15HVAT constantly evaluates the power quality of both input sources. Dynamic solid-state (TRIAC) automatic transfer switching allows the PDU to switch to the secondary source within 2–5 milliseconds should the primary source fail or become unstable to ensure your connected equipment operates without interruption.

Built-in slot supports the optional WEBCARDLX (sold separate), which turn the PDUMH15HVAT into a switched PDU by allowing remote access to the PDU for power monitoring, configuration, outlet control and notifications via web browser, SSH, telnet or SNMP. Digital ammeter monitors total output current. LEDs display outlet on/off status and input power status on primary and secondary inputs.

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